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Fire Industry Association

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Fire Industry Association Cyprus  Elevating Fire Safety Standards in Cyprus 

Welcome to Fire Industry Association Cyprus, a newly launched organisation dedicated to raising the bar on professionalism, competency, and standards within the fire safety industry in Cyprus. We are seeking visionary companies to become Founding Members and help shape the future of the Cypriot Fire Safety Industry. 

About FIA:
Europe's Leading Fire Safety Trade Association 

The Fire Industry Association UK (FIA) is Europe's largest fire protection trade association with over 1000 members across the fire industry.

Our mission is to promote and improve fire protection methods, services, and equipment. Through close collaboration with the government, official bodies, and stakeholders, we actively shape legislation and professional standards. 

Introducing FIA Cyprus:
Addressing Local Needs and Advancements 

Fire Industry Association Cyprus is a localised branch of FIA, run by Cypriots for Cypriots. Our focus is on the specific challenges and advancements in the Cypriot fire industry. We provide tailored resources, training programs, and comprehensive support to local companies, aiming to raise industry expertise and standards while fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration among professionals in Cyprus.

Why we need you?

We are inviting you to become a member. By joining us, you will play a vital role in shaping the foundation of the Fire Industry Association Cyprus and promoting its presence within the wider fire industry. As a member, your company will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the development of the Fire Industry Association Cyprus and influence its direction, initiatives, and priorities. Together, we can establish a strong and influential association that truly represents the interests and needs of the Cypriot wider Fire Industry. Together, we can cultivate an environment of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation that will have a profound impact on fire safety in Cyprus, elevating its status and ensuring the utmost safety and protection for businesses and communities. Take this opportunity to be at the forefront of progress and position your company as a leader in the field by becoming a founding member of the Fire Industry Association Cyprus.

Benefits of becoming a member of
Fire Industry Association Cyprus

Influence and governance:

Shape the association's direction and initiatives, and be a key decision-maker in the industry. 

Advocacy and representation:

Have your business's interests represented on a national level. 

Professional development:

Enhance your skills and knowledge through tailored training programs. 

Thought leadership:

Establish yourself as a leader and influencer in the Cypriot business community. 

Recognition for professionalism:

Gain recognition for your commitment to high industry standards. 

Our Not-for-Profit Commitment

As a not-for-profit organization, any surplus made in Cyprus is reinvested into Fire Industry Association Cyprus, to support our Cypriot members and the Cypriot industry as a whole. Help us raise the bar in professional Fire Safety.

Our primary objective is to elevate professionalism in Cyprus, ultimately saving lives and protecting property. 


4, Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation Street, Strovolos, 2000
Nicosia, Cyprus

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